What’s New

Candlelighters Simcoe participates in and facilitates a variety of events designed to fundraise, increase awareness, and provide community support for families impacted by childhood cancer.

Annual Events

We are involved in a variety of annual events, including the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival, Barrie Waterfront Half-Marathon, and our very own Superhero Stomp. To learn more about our events, or to get involved, click here.

Monthly Support Group

Facilitated by the Parent Liaison and featuring a variety of guest speakers, our monthly support group meetings allow parents to share their personal experiences, socialize with other parents, and have the opportunity to gather information and resources that may be helpful on their childhood cancer journey. To learn more about our support group meetings, click here.

Art Therapy Program

Candlelighters Simcoe understands that the emotional burden of childhood cancer doesn’t just fall on parents and caregivers. Through our art therapy programs, we offer kids the opportunity to work with a qualified art therapist in weekly sessions to address feelings about their own or a sibling’s experience with cancer. To learn more about out art therapy programs, click here.